Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sleepy-Time Girl

As colds go, this one isn't too bad.  Sure, I'm still coughing and sneezing and stuffed up, but I'm on the mend.

And yet, this cold is making me feel so tired, so exhausted!  I swear, I could honestly sleep for a week!


Hopefully, I'll have enough energy to paint ....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting There, I Suppose ..

I guess I'm feeling a tiny bit better today, but I still feel rather awful. My nose is running, my throat is sore, and my energy is draining away.

I Only spent an hour napping this afternoon, which is a good sign. I had intended to do more administrative work on my laptop, but it was in need of a overhaul.  I guess it was feeling ill too.

Maybe that's what I need.  A good disk-fragmentaion, some programs reinstalled, and a reboot.

Or maybe just macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, and a couple of episodes of Supernatural.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sick In Bed

I'm sick in bed today. Bloody hell!!!  I can't be sick, I have too much to do. And yet, I am, and my energy level is almost nil. 

Cough, cough.  Sneeze, sneeze. 

Talk to you tomorrow....

Maybe I can get back to that weird dream, where Ron Howard wanted to both star and direct a movie is which he has sex with me.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Fight is On!

Early this morning, I told Marjie that I wasn't sure if I was getting a cold if it was just a bad allergy day. Half an hour later, Marjie asked me if I wanted oil of oregano and I declined, saying I was feeling much better.

I had a shower later on, and I accidentally inhaled some shampoo and water.  It was a lot!  It felt like I had snorted up a litre of suds and water.  For the rest of the day I tried to blow it all out of my nose.  Ick!

Now it's evening and I'm feeling better.  Well, sort of ....  I'm feeling like I'm maybe a cold again.

Time to bring out the BIG GUNS: vitamin C and oil of oregano!

The Fight is On!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm GREEN!!!

I'm GREEN but happy!

I finished compiling my taxes, as well as a million other things, and now I can get back to painting.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Why is This Still a Thing?

For the most part, I had a good day at the market.  Even though I had barely made $60.00 I was in a good mood.  With Lucy's assistance, I trained my newest employee, Kelly, how to do the market shift.  Kelly did very well too!

Customers were amiable and appreciative of my artwork.  I was happy and feeling secure with my place in the universe.

And then, this woman came up to the three of us, pointed at me, and asked Lucy: "M.S.?" I gritted my teeth, knowing that 1) the woman had reduced my whole being to a medical condition; 2) she got my condition wrong (I have C.P. not M.S.); and, 3) she assumed that I was void of reason and intellect.

With Lucy's help, and trying to be as glib as possible, I told the woman that she was mistaken - my name was Anne Abbott not M.S.!  Unfortunately, she either didn't notice or didn't understand my biting sarcasm.  Instead - much to my absolute horror! - the woman started patting me on the head and saying, "You poor brave woman!"

Brave my ass.  I think she was brave for humiliating me in public like that.  Why do I call her brave?  Well, because after suffering this kind of treatment by total strangers for most of my life, I think one day I just might snap and run amok, screaming and chasing the offending people around with my power wheelchair.  

Why is this still a thing? Ableism, I mean.  Hurtful, humilating ableism.  It's 2015, for goodness sake!  People should know better by now! But what am I talking about?  There's still racism, sexism, classism, etc etc etc. 

I have to cling onto hope, though.

I went to Hot House for dinner  with Brittainy today.  While Brittainy was in the washroom, one of the waiters came over, asked how I was and if he could get me a drink.  Our conversation lasted maybe two minutes, but it made me so happy because he saw me as an actual person.

Sometimes there is a glimmer of hope.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fire Alarm Went Off. Boys' Day Ruined.

Usually, my boys live a pretty happy and spoiled life. I absolutely adore them, and they know it!

Sometimes, however, not even my adoration can snap them out of a funk if they're suddenly faced with the dreaded, frightening, EAR-PIERCING FIRE ALARM!!!

My poor boys look both distressed and confused after the noise has finally ended.  I can imagine what they're saying to each other ...

Rascal:  Did you hear that, Hersh?

Hershey:  Yup.  The Invisible Monster is back.

Rascal:  How do we -- how do we -- uh -- get rid of it?

Hershey:  We'll sleep on it, Rascal. We'll sleep on it!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

SO Close

I'm SO close!!!!!!!!!

Tax stuff = ick!

Pictures = cool!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015




I have to get them out of my hair or go nuts ...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Weird Dream

I woke up from another weird dream.  I was being tortured by angels who were trying to get information from me. I wouldn't tell them anything, so to take my mind off the pain I told jokes to Benedict Cumberbatch to make him laugh. I don't know why but on my right side Robert Palmer was singing "Simply Irresistible" to me.

I swear I'm not addicted to drugs...but maybe I'm addicted to the show "Supernatural" and to hot British men.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Short One Today

So, all of the tax stuff I did today was on behalf of my employees. I addressed all of the envelopes and mailed the T-4's out.

Tomorrow, however, not even Johnny Depp - buck naked! - can break my concentration from getting my taxes ready!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Playing Work Catch-Up

Even with plenty of help, I still have mountains of work ahead of me.

This afternoon, I wrote thank you emails to new Dandy Card Members; one distainful email to Broad Magazine because they distorted the picture I submitted and used a different person's quotation to go with it; and, I made sure that my five jpegs were definitely uploaded and submitted to the Riverdale Art Walk.

Right now, I'm going to keep my head down and get all of my finances ready to be sent to my accountant to do my taxes.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Too Tired for Words ...

but here are a few pictures from last night:

Peekaboo Hershey

Box loving cats

I painted this in 3 hours!

And, some from today:

I sold this painting of Rascal
After a busy day at the market, I had corned beef and cabbage and a cupcake filled with Bailey's

Friday, March 13, 2015

A Brilliant Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was absolutely wonderful for me!

My I Love Dicks painting seems to be getting a lot of attention at the Shit Talk art show.

I got so much done today, which made me incredibly happy!  Both Amy and Dobrila helped me to mail my mom's estate tax stuff out; email my Dandy Note Card Members; get the ball rolling on getting a newer/better power wheelchair; and, put cards together.

I even had time enough for myself to do a quick painting.

Thursday, March 12, 2015